Top 7 free WordPress CRM Plugins to Boost Your Online Business

Now, here I present you a list of Best 7 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plugins for WordPress. This list is based on the reviews and my personal interaction with these plugins. Let’s get started,



UkuuPeople is probably the best WordPress CRM plugin which emphasizes on tangibility and simplicity. CRM’s general nature makes them complex, clunky and complicated which lead you to confusion. However, this is not the case in UkuuPeople. It has active installs of around 800+ only, but an impressive 5-star rating.

UkuuPeople binds all your contacts into one master list which makes it incredibly easy to organize even such huge pile of data. Let us check some of its many features,

  • It enables you to track every single interaction with your customer.
  • You can divide your customers in accordance with your preferences. This feature is called Tribes.
  • You can also attach files to the TouchPoint records.
  • It enables you to build your own email list.
  • Also, have the feature to capture front end data automatically.

The best part of UkuuPeople is before using the plugin, you can check their plugin on their demo website. Via demo website, you can test the plugin by,

  • Creating a contact form.
  • Creating a donation page.
  • Try to sell a product.
  • Building a mailing list.
  • Creating a client account page.

These actions will give you a perfect idea of what this plugin is capable of doing. In addition to that, UkuuPeople as a community growing very fast. Their collection of add-ons are increasing and in return, they are enabling more subtle and robust solution to your needs. They have compatible integration with MailChimp, Google Apps, Give Donation Pages, Import/Export Tools, Gravity Forms, Opportunity/Lead Management and this list is increasing on daily basis.

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UpiCRM is a free WordPress CRM plugin and management solution. However, it is not very old in the market; it has around 2000+ active installs and 4.8 Star rating. It is easy to install and activate.

UpiCRM can easily integrate with any of the existing tools you might be using alongside with it. Let’s check some of its many features,

  • It is a perfect tool to assign the lead to any of your team members.
  • It has very simple and interactive dashboards and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • It also supports URL tagging in order to identify traffic source for your WordPress website.
  • It is very easy to work in UpiCRM as it supports the multi-user with up to 5 tiers of users.

UpiCRM is an ideal tool for Analysis, Tracking, and Marketing Effectiveness. The tracking leads are from the actual traffic source i.e., referring sites, campaigns etc, with full life cycle of every lead, you can easily create the full picture of your marketing effectiveness.

You can also export all your data to MS Excel or spreadsheet to create your own version of analyzed data.

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WordPress Leads

WordPress Leads

It is a wonderful WordPress plugin and the fun part is, it’s free of cost. With over 10,000+ active installs and around 4-star rating it is a very simple and easy to setup. Let’s see some of its features and know it yourself how useful this WordPress CRM plugin can be,

  • In-built visual form builder which is very simple to use.
  • It can automatically detect and collect data from all the submitted data.
  • You can track on which page your potential lead was when he converted into your buyer. This can prove to be a very useful insight into further content strategy.
  • It also enables you to sync with your third party CRM (If any).

WordPress Leads is a free plugin (already mentioned) designed as a framework to help you to collect, manage and store lead & contact info for better understanding the lead collected by their website. It is built with best practices of inbound marketing and integrates coherently with the free WP Landing Pages plugin.

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DX Sales CRM

DX Sales CRM

If we talk about a CRM which have a lot of potential for being an incredible WordPress CRM plugin then DX Sales CRM is the one we should talk about. First it is free of cost, and second, it is very organized and highly interactive.

Let’s check some of its features,

  • It enables you to deal with your customer data in much-defined hierarchy progression.
  • It has a unique feature in order to bolster your services offering to your customers.
  • It has very expressive yet simple dashboard and reports.
  • It also allows you to create a self-service portal.
  • The database management of DX Sales CRM is very efficient and impressive.

To be frank, a CRM system did not ensure anything about the development of your business. However, if we see another way around, your business will definitely not develop without a CRM. With features like Video tutorials and FAQs, DX Sales CRM gives you a better kickstart. You should check it out.

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WP-CRM is designed to improve your user management significantly. This incredible plugin is free of cost and very interactive still. With over 5,000+active installs and a 3.5-star rating, this plugin can make your business a successful one.

Let us see some of its many features,

  • Awesome editing, filtering and user organization.
  • Very simple to add new attributes to your customer’s details.
  • It comes with contact forms for front-end.
  • It also has an add-on of Group Notification and WP-Invoice integration.
  • Highly interactive charts in order to represent attributes with measurable data.

WP-CRM empowers you to organize your contacts in a pliable manner. It allows you to create custom fields to generate custom data. These custom forms will collect all the custom data which you can filter later for simple contact analysis. The lead generation forms can create any user role you want to create.

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Zero BS CRM is a hybrid approach to self-host your own CRM. With this plugin on your side you can easily manage your customers, manage invoices and quotes. Again this plugin is also for free.

Let’s see some of its many features,

  • It comes with an interactive quote builder.
  • You can manage and add companies with its new B2B mode.
  • Super easy 4-minute Install.
  • Incredibly sleek and smooth with mobile devices.

In brief, Zero BullSh*t CRM is an interactive approach to turn leads into customers. It also allows you to analyze the cause of more sales so that you can thrive on your methodologies. This incredible Plugin also allows you to increase the size of your team. Entrepreneurs can get a lot from this free CRM plugin. It allows you to connect with your potential customers without any middle layer. They’re optional but still, they can be extremely handy and useful.

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WP ERP is one of the best and free CRM, HRM and Accounting solutions for every WordPress website. It has 3,000+ active installs and featured with an impressive 5-star rating.

Let’s check its CRM features,

  • Smooth lead, community, and opportunity listing.
  • Very efficient inbuilt email communication system.
  • Company profile listing.
  • Innovative logging feature for every event.
  • Easily Activity overview.
  • Create Schedules and email notifications.

WP ERP has grown to the top of the table. And trust me it’s worth it. With this dashboard on your table, you can handle your customers by maintaining different levels. You can manage the content and support essential for everyone including a fresh lead to a potential customer.

You can easily schedule your meetings and while attending them you can easily keep notes on all the communications. The brownie points don’t just stop there, they exceed when it comes to the generation of stat reports. They are speedy, easy and with versatility. This can be an ultimate salvation for your CRM problem.

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Wrapping Up

This list contains the top 7 CRM plugins, I used every tenet to keep you informed accurately. Let’s again have a look on the list,

  1. UkuuPeople
  2. UpiCRM
  3. WordPress Leads
  4. DX Sales CRM
  5. WP-CRM
  6. Zero BS CRM
  7. WP-ERP

Online Business can thrive if one has made a right choice when it comes to Customer Relationship Management plugin. For a business, it is important to identify a lead as a customer, a customer as an asset and transform that asset in loyalty. A CRM tool allows you to do that in many simple and interactive ways. The list I present you is a list of fusion aka free and paid plugins ideal to perform effective customer management.

So, if you’re still deciding which CRM tool to choose well, maybe it’s time to go for one and try it out. CRM tool is very crucial one when you develop a WordPress website for your business. This can give you a quantum leap over your competitors.

If you have your own list share it via comments I always respond. Any thought about my list, please do share it in comments.

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