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    WP Rocket Review: Key Features

    • Simple Setup For Beginners
    • Cache Preloading (Be Careful)
    • Database Optimizations

    WP Rocket Review: Things To Consider

    WP Rocket was not the first caching plugin for WordPress, but it was the first from a serious company that offered support. That was 5 years ago, today WP Rocket is still the market leading WordPress caching plugin.

    Over the years they have consistently added additional optimizations and other features to speed up your website.

    Earlier in 2018 they completely changed the user interface, to be more of a branded experience. Some users didn’t like this, including me. I want WordPress to feel like WordPress.

    As with any caching plugin, you can get yourself into trouble really quick if you are not careful.

    My WP Rocket Testing Results

    I had great results from using WP Rocket to cache my WordPress website. By testing the speed of my site with GTmetrix — using the default settings of WP Rocket and simply uploading and activating the plugin before generating the cache and running the tests — the average page loading times dropped from 2.2 seconds to 0.9.

    WP Rocket Review GTmetrix Before and After

    The site I tested the plugin on was a WordPress blog using the free Twenty Twelve theme, with about 80 posts and 37 active plugins. The site is hosted on an entry level shared hosting plan from HostGator, and has no CDN in play.

    No two WordPress websites are the same, though, so these results may not be typical for all sites. They do, however, show that even a very basic WordPress blog on the cheapest hosting will almost certainly be able to achieve significantly improved load times using the plugin.

    WP Rocket Review: Summary

    If you want to speed up your website, WP Rocket is a good choice. There are free WordPress caching plugins available, but with something as important as caching you are going to want access to support, and that is why I would recommend using WP Rocket on your website.

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